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What Women in Tech Should Look For In Their Employers

We wanted to spotlight this insightful article by Sharra Owens-Schwartz, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Senior Director at Rocket Software, who comments on new data on the talent market with a specific view on powering the careers of women in STEM.


Sharra advises women who are seeking new opportunities in STEM, or those shifting careers to enter a STEM role, to research prospective employers on some important considerations for women not always spelled out in a job description:


Growth Investment

You may be applying for certain job, but Sharra advises you keep an eye on your next step.

  • Ask if employees promoted from within?
  • Are there programs (Rocket relies on Aurora) to advance women into leadership positions?


Commitment to Diversity

Sharra recommends job seekers ask potential employers specific questions about what their diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives look like across the organization.

  • How do they create access and opportunity for under represented groups?
  • How are different perspectives welcome and celebrated?


Mentorship Opportunities

For women in tech, sometimes the journey can be lonely. Sharra recommends looking for formal and informal mentorship opportunities at the organization to avoid the feeling that you are going it alone.

  • Look for possible mentors at the organization who you might feel connected.
  • If you have mentors already, ask for their input in your search.


As Sharra concludes, “Knowing what to look for in your job search as a woman in technology can save you a lot of time and stress in the future. There is something very powerful about being able to start at a new company understanding what you can expect. If you know that they have created an environment of belonging where you are able to bring your whole self to work, you know that they are setting you up for success. ”


Read the full article on the Rocket Software blog.


For more information on the Aurora program used by Rocket to support, engage and mentor women, please get in touch. We’d love to show you around.