Aurora Leadership Development

Develop and advance women through team-based learning, on-demand platform, virtual coaching, and connected community

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Aurora Leadership Development

Develop and advance women through team-based learning, on-demand platform, virtual coaching, and connected community

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VP Engineering, athenahealth

“I am proud to partner with reacHIRE because of their commitment to helping women discover their authentic leadership and power towards unleashing their true potential. They are supporting athenhealth’s vision of gender equity in tech and it’s exciting to see the impact of their program at our company.”

– Bela Labovitch

Proven Impact On Women’s Leadership

Tailored Curriculum for Different Career Stages

Aurora has four learning tracks, an accompanying Manager Journey, and Return-to-Work programming, all designed to support the women in your organization during pivotal milestones in their career journey.

  • Elevate your high potential Early Career talent by fostering growth and leadership skills

  • Equip your Mid-Career female talent for senior roles for a diverse leadership pipeline

  • Empower People of Color & Allies to to navigate intersectionality, foster internal networks, cultivate belonging and drive allyship

  • Excel your individual contributor Technical female talent by enabling them to drive technical thought leadership initiatives within the organization

Experienced Executives as Guides

Aurora Guides are mid-to-late career professionals with 20+ years of experience across multiple industries. They include executives who have managed large-scale engineering projects, led digital transformation efforts, and helped build out management teams. Guides bring practical experience in navigating major corporations to 1:1 coaching and advising participants.

Guides are highly-skilled facilitators who undergo extensive training, are certified by reacHIRE, and follow defined learning pathways contained in the Aurora program.

Meet Some of Our Guides

Build Community Into Your Workplace Culture

Whether they’re in the office or working remotely, Aurora gives your employees the tools they need to connect, develop valuable relationships, and become part of a powerful community.

Comprehensive Curriculum Developed with Industry-Leading Experts

Through self-directed learning journeys and Guide-led structured tracks, the Aurora program builds today’s must-have leadership skills:

24/7 Learning and Career Support

A Platform that Boosts Connection

  • Includes bite-sized content, on-demand resources, weekly live meditations, and monthly webinars

  • Leverages the power of peer learning and fosters belonging in small teams within one organization

  • Specifically designed to support and motivate professionals, with integrated 1:1 coaching

Real Leaders, Real Stories

Over 1,300 two-minute videos  from executives who have successfully navigated relevant situations employees in your company face.

The 10 Minute Career Workout®

A great way to spend 10 minutes. Aurora serves up short, impactful exercises and experiences that build the soft skills needed for success. Similar to exercise tracking, an intuitive dashboard lets employees manage their progress, and challenges them to meet their goals.


Reporting & Analytics

Aurora quantifies impact and provides actionable insights on key issues women are facing. Aurora’s anonymous, aggregated data and statistics include:

• Usage and engagement data
• Trending topics and interests
• Growth in skill development

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