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Why Aurora

Aurora was designed for companies to provide better support for women throughout their career journey from early-career, mid-career, during maternity and for Women of Color.

The Aurora Platform is designed to:

Increase engagement and retention

Optimize performance and productivity

Build community and network

Provide continuous learning and skill-building

Deliver actionable insights and data

How It Works

Scalable Platform

Scalable Platform

For the digital native – setting and achieving goals, celebrating wins, and real-world learning are all just a click away on the Aurora Platform.

Power of Teams

Power of Teams

Small teams are led by a certified, executive Guide through a series of virtual Team and 1:1 Meetups focused on building leadership skills.

Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning

Expertly designed micro-learning modules with content themes focused on building key leadership skills through a discussion-based approach.

Turn Insights into Action

The Aurora Dashboard delivers powerful data to measure impact and surface clear, actionable insights – all aggregated, anonymous and accessible in a quick click.

Key Metrics:

Behavioral impact indicators

Organizational health indicators

Usage and engagement data

Trending topics and interests

Top skill-building focus areas

I spend so much time on social media. If I just spent fifteen minutes a day on my career instead using Aurora, I’d be doing myself a big favor.

I LOVE IT! To have someone to support me and care. Tracking kudos – celebrating myself and others who are with me along the way. People can say ‘hey you can do this!’

It’s nice to have group meetings with the other women. Love having someone to listen to me and help me think about things differently. The group discussions have been very valuable.

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