What it Means to be an Aurora Guide

What Aurora Guides Bring to Our Program

An Aurora Guide takes on a pivotal role throughout a completely virtual program, where teams of 10-12 participants are led through a proprietary curriculum focused on developing leadership potential. The Aurora program is designed to support women at different stages of their careers who have been identified by their organization as having strong leadership potential.

Guides not only help to shape the curriculum for the program; they also provide support for participants through 1:1 coaching sessions and group meet ups. They’re facilitators by nature who bring participants together to foster a safe environment where a lasting community of support is built among Aurora participants.

Guide Role and Time Commitment

Our Guides are leaders who can provide a unique approach to mentorship and coaching. They draw on personal experiences that resonate with program participants.  Guides are responsible for leading individual sessions, teaching participants the designated curriculum, and facilitating group discussions. reacHIRE’s team of subject matter experts support Guides with tailored materials and tools. Time commitment averages three hours per week over the six-month program. Our team of Guides also come together as a team to collaborate, and share experiences. Being a Guide represents an opportunity to give back, continue to learn, and have fun with peers. If this sounds appealing; join our Guide team! Together we’re unlocking potential and empowering the next generation of women leaders!

Guide Backgrounds

Aurora Guides are mid-to-late career professionals with 20+ years of experience across multiple industries. They include executives who have managed large-scale engineering projects, led digital transformation efforts, and helped build management teams.

These women receive extensive training, are certified by reacHIRE, and follow defined learning pathways contained in the Aurora program.

We are looking for seasoned senior executives with experience in corporate ‘leadership trenches’, articulate and tech-savvy, and with the time and passion to help develop the next generation of women leaders.

Meet Some of Our Guides

“Yes, we change the lives of the women we work with, but it has changed MY life to know that I can help in them in this way. It’s given me such purpose!” – Aurora Guide

Why Become a Guide?

The benefits of being a Guide in our leadership development program go far beyond the opportunity to share your experiences. By joining our program, you have the chance to make a profound impact on the professional growth, personal satisfaction, and overall fulfillment of individuals who are looking to further develop themselves personally and professionally. Hear from our very own Charlotte Streat on how being an Aurora Guide has shaped her life:

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