Are you an employer or are you looking to return to work?


"It’s a great feeling to be back to work. I really enjoy being there. I can’t thank reacHIRE enough for helping me to get to this point."

A Community of Peers

“One of the most valuable take-a-ways of reacHIRE was the other women in my cohort; they served as a wonderful support group because we all shared the same fears and were working toward the same goals.”

Know Your Worth

“reacHIRE empowered me to know my worth, refocus my narrative, and make meaningful contributions at a higher level than I did in my prior career.”

Finding a New Career Path

“I wasn't even on LinkedIn and reacHIRE helped me build a resume, a profile on LinkedIn, and prepare for job interviews.”

Believe in Yourself

“Working with reacHIRE helped opened the door to a whole new career for me. It was the first place where my career break was welcomed and embraced. reacHIRE helped prepare me to re-enter the workforce and meet a lot of great women in my similar situation.”

A Pound for Your Thoughts?

“I am so grateful to reacHIRE for building the concrete path I was able to follow back into the corporate workplace after my significant career break.”

Eager to Re-engage

“reacHIRE provided an exceptionally thorough retraining program to ensure that each of us was fully prepared to re-enter the workforce. The training hit on all cylinders; focusing on skill sets, mindsets, and networking strategies.”

A Network of Shared Support

“The powerUP™ training provided direction, empowerment and a network of women searching for an opportunity after a career break. I found it invigorating to hear other women’s stories that were similar to my own. The information in each session was just as important as the experiences and ideas shared by the other participants.”