Returner FAQs

Return-to-Work Questions for Returners

What kind of positions do you recruit for?

reacHIRE recruits for a variety of roles depending on our clients’ needs. The reacHIRE Return-to-Work opportunities spread across a wide range of job functions including: Software Engineering, Finance, Product Management, Human Resources, Communications, Information Technology, Project Management, Accounting, Systems Analysis, Marketing and more. For the full list of roles and job functions we’re currently hiring for, please visit our jobs site.

How can I get accepted into a program?

Once a Return-to-Work Program has been launched, we list the roles we are recruiting for on our jobs board. We encourage Returners to review the open positions, and apply to role(s) that best align with their past work experience. We’re here to help you refresh your skills in a 360 degree support environment! If selected, the first round of interviews takes place with one of our internal recruiters at reacHIRE; the second round of interviews (if your resume is selected to move forward) is conducted by a hiring manager at the client company. Our client determines who they would like to offer a Returnship position to, and if you’re selected, your Returnship will start on a predetermined date after background checks and any other necessary onboarding paperwork has been completed.

Do you offer remote opportunities?

Return-to-Work opportunities can be remote depending on client needs. Traditionally, our clients have required Returners to be in the office so they can benefit from the culture and team environment. Currently, programs may begin in a virtual environment amid COVID19 and then transition onsite once a back to office plan is finalized. Please stay informed on upcoming programs by subscribing to our newsletter. We will continue to assess the needs of our clients and share related information on our careers site.

Do you offer part-time opportunities?

reacHIRE does not offer part-time Return-to-Work opportunities.

How do I apply?

To apply to any of our current Return-to-Work Programs, please visit our jobs site.