Employer FAQs

Return-to-Work Questions for Employers

What is a returnship program?

Think of a returnship as an internship for experienced professionals who took a career break, so companies can access a pool of hidden talent. A returnship has two purposes: employers diversify their talent pipeline and evaluate the candidate’s fit for a permanent role, and returners receive the support, confidence, and skills they need to help them make an impact and achieve success in their return to work.

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Is reacHIRE a job board?

We’re not a job board to help you fill positions one by one. With a decade of experience, we have a cohort-based model that let’s companies make an impact on their diversity goals at scale. Our proven end-to-end model is so successful, 90+% of Returners are still with the organization after three years. 

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How long is a returnship program?

The timelines for returnships can vary, but most reacHIRE programs are 26 weeks. Prior to the program, reacHIRE partners with companies to understand business needs, identify right fit roles, and plan the overall timeline. Once the candidates are selected by the company, we offer customized onboarding and training so Returners are ready to make an impact at your organization. 

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How many roles do I need to have for a successful returnship program?

The ideal cohort size is 10+ Returners and our minimum is six. However, we regularly partner with companies to fill as many as 40-50 roles across departments, geographies, and job functions.

What type of roles do you fill for a returnship program?

reacHIRE recruits for a variety of roles depending on our clients’ needs. The reacHIRE Return-to-Work opportunities spread across a wide range of job functions including: Project Management, Customer Relations, Finance/Accounting, Product Management, Human Resources, Communications, Information Technology/Software Engineering, QA, Systems Analysis, Marketing and more. 

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What is the success rate of your returnship program?

reacHIRE returnships have a 90+% retention rate. Additionally:

  • 98% of returners agreed that being a part of a reacHIRE cohort contributed to job success
  • 96% of returners felt more confident after reacHIRE’s onboarding program 
  • 82% of participants converted to full-time employees

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