The reacHIRE Difference

Why reacHIRE?

reacHIRE goes above and beyond by providing end-to-end support, training, and resources you need for a successful return-to-work experience. Unlike job boards with few resources to support you, reacHIRE is invested in your success throughout the journey.

reacHIRE has a decade of experience walking alongside returning professionals and we have partnered with top companies like Fidelity, T-Mobile, and Wayfair to offer impactful job opportunities that will inspire and empower you to confidently propel your career forward.

Great Jobs at Great Companies

reacHIRE partners with top companies to provide professional, paid, real-world jobs designed for mid-career professionals.

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We’re with You from Day One

reacHIRE’s team of career experts inspire you and help make your journey back to work successful beginning on day one with resumé and interview prep, ongoing training and support from a dedicated Program Manager.

Power of Community

You’ll start your new role already knowing a group of peers embarking on the same journey. With your community of returning professionals, you’ll share experiences and support each other as you return to work together.

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Success Stories from Returning Professionals

Bridge the Gap

“It can feel scary to make the change back into the workforce. But if it’s something you want, you deserve the chance to spend time and energy on your own development. I couldn’t have done it without the help of reacHIRE.”

Pamela   |   Program Manager for Diversity and Inclusion
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What I Want to be When My Kids Grow Up

“reacHIRE helped me unearth my confidence. I met other women trying to do the same. We supported each other. The reacHIRE program helped me reflect on my goals. I took stock of my skills and how they could be valuable in the professional world.”

Een   |   Program Manager
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Finding a Way to Stay Relevant

“The reacHIRE program enabled me to bridge that “gap” by providing a structured training program on relevant skillsets in demand in today’s job market and matching program participants with potential employers.”

Jenny   |   Project Manager
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Power in Networking

“I am so grateful for the intensive training I received through reacHIRE. From updating my technical and computer skills, to fine tuning my presentation and interviewing strategies, I was able to regain the confidence necessary to ‘get back out there."

Kate   |   Marketing & Communications Manager
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Capabilities Beat Career Break

“The greatest benefit of the reacHIRE program was that it gave me a chance to explain my capabilities to a company without having to explain my career break.”

Shama   |   Senior Marketing Manager
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A Skills Reboot

“I participated in the first cohort session and then was placed in a position at a dynamic company. I’m thrilled to be back in the workforce, and I highly recommend reacHIRE to women looking for a comprehensive program to re-start their careers.”

Theresa   |   Project Manager/Business Analyst
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