reacHIRE graduate testimonials

“ I loved the reacHIRE program, and am loving my assignent and being challenged professionally again. Check out reacHIRE—it did for me what I couldn’t do on my own.”

Kelley, reacHIRE graduate

"Not only was the program exceptional, but I learned a lot about myself and met many women I’m sure to be in touch with for years to come. You won’t find more camaraderie, enthusiasm or support. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate."

Jackie, reacHIRE graduate

"I was flexible about going into any industry. I was looking to repackage myself and prove myself once I had a foot in the door. reacHIRE helped me achieve that. I've also experienced wonderful and long lasting friendships with other amazing women."

Anne, reacHIRE graduate

"reacHIRE puts all the pieces together that a woman returning to the workforce needs. Every aspect of the program is top notch, and I highly recommend it."

Kristen, reacHIRE graduate

"Going back to work has been fantastic. I’ve met lots of interesting people who have been helpful in my transition into the company. I’m not just getting my feet wet – I’m already diving in!"

Een, reacHIRE graduate

"This has been a wonderful experience. The program is so rich. I would definitely recommend reacHIRE to other professional women."

Sharon, reacHIRE graduate

"I participated in the first cohort session and then was placed in a position at a dynamic company. I’m thrilled to be back in the workforce, and I highly recommend reacHIRE to women looking for a comprehensive program to re-start their careers."

Theresa, reacHIRE graduate

“Who am I? How can I bring my authentic self to work? reacHIRE’s systematic approach for professional women to re-enter the workforce restores confidence.”

Sarah, reacHIRE graduate

"reacHIRE not only prepared me to re-enter the workforce, but delivered on my ultimate goal – actual job placement. It offered me a seamless on-ramp to return to work through its unique combination of career coaching, workshops, and project placement."

Elizabeth, reacHIRE graduate

“What I experienced with reacHIRE was a transformation. I renewed my professional self in an environment created and supported by talented professionals who addressed all of the concerns I had about being out of the workforce for a while.”

Catherine, reacHIRE graduate

"It was truly beyond my dreams. I will be singing reacHIRE's praises for years and directing talented women who need help your way. Thanks again for having the vision and passion to make this program happen!"

Jennifer, reacHIRE graduate

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