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A New Threat to Gender Diversity STEMs from the Pandemic

How to support women in STEM positions and preserve your talent pipeline  The pandemic has challenged us all, but women are especially feeling the weight. Studies show they shoulder the burden of the responsibilities for schooling, caregiving, and domestic duties with a full house of children, partners, and pets. And what’s about to give may


The Three Soft Skills Your Leaders Need Today

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The COVID-19 pandemic is an acid test for leadership skills, separating the gold practices that are necessary for retaining and advancing employees during difficult times, from those that tarnish and rust. With unemployment rates higher than any other point in US history and virtual work environments fraught with challenges and uncertainty, companies that lean into


Stopping The Covid Slide For Working Mothers

Originally published in Forbes, and written by: Addie Swartz: CEO of reacHIRE, a provider of cohort-based return-to-work programs and the Aurora digital platform for early-career women. Since the iconic bicep beckon of Rosie the Riveter in 1942, working women have scaled up and down based on society’s needs. Women were never paid the same rates


Transitioning from the Military to a Civilian Career

Thank you for serving in the United States military and devoting years of your life to ensure our country is safe and protected. Are you ready to pursue a civilian career after military service, but aren’t sure how to take the first step? reacHIRE’s corporate clients value the qualities that ex-military personnel bring and are