Ease the Transition from the Military to Civilian Work with a Returnship

Every year, 270,000 service members are discharged from service and 80 percent don’t have a job lined up, according to Hire Heroes. Making the move from military service to the civilian workforce can be daunting, but the right job opportunity and ongoing support can help pave the way for a smooth transition. 

If you’re ready to pursue a civilian career after military service, instead of simply applying to roles that require the hiring company to see the potential in the transferable skills you gained in the military, consider a Returnship, which offers end-to-end support, starting with the recruitment process and throughout the duration of the program. 

How Return-to-Work Programs Help Veterans Reach Higher

reacHIRE partners with forward-thinking organizations to bring experienced professionals back to work after a career break through Return-to-Work programs. While serving in the military isn’t a career break, returning to the corporate world after time in the military is a period of change. A structured Returnship provides you the support for a successful transition, with a dedicated program manager, robust, ongoing training, and a community of other returning professionals. 

Many Return-to-Work options for individuals with a career break are limited to job boards, with few resources and no support throughout the journey back. At reacHIRE, we work with leading organizations to create Returnships that are designed to make you successful, both personally and professionally, at no cost to you. Once accepted into a program, reacHIRE provides the end-to-end support, training, and resources needed for a successful experience. Through our Return-to-Work programs, we prepare veterans like you to reignite their careers with confidence and prepared to make an impact.

Veteran Success Story: Returning to Civilian Work After Military Service

Alex Asuncion, Sr. Technical Project Manager at T-Mobile, spent more than five years in active duty with the United States Air Force as a cyber system operator. After transferring to part-time status with the Air Force reserves, Alex graduated with an MBA in May 2020, but a combination of his time off to go back to school, the ongoing global pandemic, and his highly technical work experience made it challenging to secure a full-time job. 

During his job search, Alex learned about, applied and received an offer to join the T-Mobile TechX Returnship Program by reacHIRE, a six-month, full-time, paid Return-to-Work program. Through the program, Alex had a unique opportunity to rejoin the corporate world at T-Mobile with a group of fellow returning professionals and gain relevant work skills and experiences through challenging, impactful projects, assignments, and training.

“reacHIRE gave me an opportunity through the [T-Mobile TechX Returnship Program],” said Alex. “reacHIRE does a really great job of ensuring that everybody is set up for success. They’re not going to just throw us into the fire, put us in these new roles, and see how we do. reacHIRE understands that there’s a transition phase and in that full week of training, several activities, workshops and speakers helped ease our transition back into the corporate world.

“Having one-on-one sessions with a dedicated Program Manager was also beneficial, as I got to hear and apply feedback from the managers I worked with directly, helping me grow in my career.”

After successfully completing his Returnship, Alex was offered a full-time role as a Sr. Technical Project Manager with T-Mobile. Hear more about Alex’s inspiring return-to-work story in this replay of a recent webinar we hosted with T-Mobile and Hire Heroes USA – and check out this video featuring Alex on the T-Mobile website. 

At reacHIRE, we believe that no matter an individual’s time away from work or the reason for it, a career break isn’t a career breaker. We are proud to partner with T-Mobile and support its ongoing commitment to helping talented professionals rejoin the workforce – including service members returning to civilian careers. If you’re ready to grow, learn, and change the world for good, learn about open T-Mobile TechX Returnship opportunities and apply today

Return-to-Work Programs for Military Spouses and Partners

Service members aren’t alone in facing employment challenges during the switch back to civilian life. Changes in duty stations, deployments, and transfers impact the whole family, often leading to upended career plans, underemployment, and long breaks of not working for spouses and partners of service members.

To address these challenges and help service members and their families rejoin the corporate world, reacHIRE recently joined the Department of Defense Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP). Data from MSEP shows that 26 percent of military spouses and partners are unemployed and looking for work. Through the partnership, reacHIRE will help service members and their families rejoin the workforce through exciting Return-to-Work opportunities at top companies such as Fidelity, Wayfair, T-Mobile and Lionbridge. 

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