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the importance of gender diversity

Source: *US Department of Education, **Women in the Workplace, McKinsey & Company, ***Peterson Institute for International Economics
Women represent nearly 60% of the bachelor’s degrees earned in the U.S.*
Companies with females in top management deliver an average of 34% greater return to shareholders.**
Companies with diverse leadership are 15% more likely to outperform industry averages.***

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Companies – We partner with companies to develop customized Returnship programs recruiting, training and building a diverse experienced talent pipeline with a 90%+ retention rate.  With the Aurora platform, we help you engage and retain professional women you worked so hard to find. reacHIRE is not a job board to help you fill positions one by one.
Job Seekers – We are passionate about getting people back to work after a career break! We offer resources, toolkits, and events to help you get back to work, as well as updating you with opportunities to join a Returnship program.


about reacHIRE

reacHIRE puts action behind company gender diversity goals, changing the way organizations engage and retain the women in their workforce.

reacHIRE’s Aurora talent experience platform is a proven solution for companies who want to drive engagement, belonging, and retention of their female talent. The first platform designed to retain women in your workforce, Aurora delivers career growth and advice when, where and how women want to learn. Aurora is a completely virtual talent development solution that uses the power of teams to build leadership skills, supported by 1:1 coaching delivered from a Certified Aurora Guide.

Through team-based Returnship programs tailored to meet a company's culture and business needs, reacHIRE delivers the highest retention rate of any return-to-work program. We use proprietary training and support tools to carefully select and prepare professionals who exited their careers and are now ready to return to the workforce. We work with companies who appreciate the skills, perspective, loyalty and leadership of professionals who are passionate about bringing their experience, knowledge and drive to today’s biggest business challenges.