reacHIRE Releases The Definitive Return-to-Work Playbook


Authored by Industry Expert Addie Swartz, Practical Guide Helps People Jumpstart Their Post-Break Career Paths

CONCORD, Mass. (March 23, 2022) – reacHIRE, committed to supporting people returning to the workplace through returnship programs and technology solutions, today announced the launch of its new book titled The Definitive Return-to-Work Playbook. Authored by Addie Swartz, CEO of reacHIRE, the workbook provides guidance, exercises, and inspiring success stories to help readers successfully re-enter the workforce after a career break.

“Returning to the workforce should not be a solitary journey,” said Swartz. “This workbook is designed to help people realize their personal, professional and economic potential with the support of like-minded peers, and with the tools that can help them.”

Career breaks happen for many reasons and commonly impact women who exit the workforce to raise children or care for family. Additionally, women suffered the majority of pandemic-related job losses and many unemployed women have been out of work for six months or longer. The corresponding gap in their resumes causes further anxiety as returners seek to navigate the hurdles of re-entry. reacHIRE’s cohort-based return-to-work programs are specially designed to bring qualified talent back into the workforce.

“After an extended career break to care for my children and family, I was fortunate enough to be one of the first participants in the reacHIRE Return-to-Work program,” said Anne Hoffman, now working for Dell Technologies. “reacHIRE is an advocate for women who have taken a break from the workforce and provides the much-needed support system to successfully transition back to work.”

Through helpful exercises and inspiring real-life success stories, The Definitive Return-to-Work Playbook helps returners reimagine their careers and return to work with confidence, with resources to update their resumes and interview skills, refresh their LinkedIn and other social media profiles, and reconnect with their professional networks. In five actionable and easy-to-navigate chapters, the workbook assists readers with defining their objectives and setting forth the steps to achieve their goals.

Dorie Clark, a business professor, Wall Street Journal bestselling author and Top 50 Business Thinker in the World as named by Thinkers50, commented, “The ability to reinvent ourselves is critical for success in today’s business world, and Addie Swartz has created a valuable resource to help professionals transform their careers. The Definitive Return-to-Work Playbook is a must-have for anyone considering a return to corporate work following a career break.”

Swartz concluded, “Workplace flexibility is the new normal, putting the onus on every employer to ensure returning to work is worthwhile. That means employers need to approach childcare and similar reasons for career breaks as business issues, not deal-breakers. Time and time again, we see that returners’ skills are transferable and valued. Not only does The Definitive Return-to-Work Playbook provide a road map back into the workforce for employees, it’s also an outstanding talent guide for employers.”

The Definite Return-to-Work Playbook will be available for $8.99 on Amazon. For a limited time, the book is available to qualified returners and HR and talent acquisition professionals at no charge.


Download a complimentary copy here.


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reacHIRE puts action behind gender diversity goals and creates meaningful opportunities for professionals who are looking to return to the workforce. Tailored to meet a company’s culture and business needs, reacHIRE’s returnship team-based programs deliver the highest retention rate of any Return-to-Work program and are used by industry leaders including Fidelity Investments, Lionbridge, Schneider Electric, T-Mobile, and Wayfair. The reacHIRE Aurora talent experience platform is designed to help companies drive engagement, belonging, and retention of women, and is trusted by top companies including Analog Devices, iRobot, and Rocket Software. For more information about reacHIRE and its unique talent programs, please visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.