Connecting Mission & Career: Meet Kim Johnson

We are thrilled to welcome Kim Johnson to reacHIRE as vice president of sales for the Aurora platform. Kim has more than 25 years of experience partnering with Human Resources executives to solve pressing talent management challenges. Below, Kim shares her passion about helping organizations achieve their gender diversity goals by uplifting and empowering women and why reacHIRE is a perfect fit.

Why I Joined reacHIRE

By Kim Johnson


A common thread woven throughout my career is working for organizations that make a meaningful impact on individuals’ careers. From my early days at a seminar company that offered impactful tools to disruptive outplacement organizations that assisted individuals in transitioning to new opportunities, I’ve been very fortunate to work for mission-driven companies committed to helping individuals excel in their careers.

It’s been an honor to work for and with some of the best companies and leaders in their industries that not only positively impact individuals, but also help them be better than they were before. Working with HR services and technology, I’ve had the opportunity to advise and partner with large, global organizations on strategies to protect their employer brand while navigating challenging times in an ever-evolving world of work.

I’ve never been more excited about an opportunity than the one leading the sales efforts of reacHIRE’s learning and growth platform for women – Aurora. Aurora is an amazing resource available to every woman within an organization. Our clients with Aurora love the results. Ask me how bringing Aurora into your organization can increase development, belonging, and loyalty – all key indicators for retention and advancement.

Aurora is a space and place where women can find confidence and community through dynamic learning, guidance from experts, monthly development webinars, and a library of over 800 motivational videos that capture inspiring experiences, tough real-world challenges, and practical advice from leaders who successfully navigated their own careers.

I am eager to make an immediate impact and get the word out about reacHIRE and the Aurora platform. Our mission and the work we do is so important – especially at a time when so many women are leaving the workforce, quitting their jobs for new opportunities, and facing increased burnout. We are assisting organizations in achieving their gender diversity goals through uplifting, empowering, connecting, and engaging their female talent, as well as growing them into future leaders so that they choose to stay.

Are you interested in learning more about a resource to uplift, empower, and build the careers of all women at your organization? Get in touch.