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The Elevator Pitch: Crafting Your Story

People hire people. People don’t hire résumés. When given the opportunity to meet in person with your prospective employer, it is your chance to advocate for yourself. The importance of making a personal connection behind the chronological experience listed on your résumé is paramount. Any invitation for an interview is the employer’s opportunity to connect with you on a personal level, because they already have acknowledged you are qualified on paper, how well you fit into the culture of the company.

A Guide to Critical Conversations: Expressing your desire to return to work

When it comes to re-entering the workforce, there are certain steps that must be taken no matter what your professional background or personal circumstances. Some are more obvious than others, but when followed as a whole, I find women have a greater chance of success in the short- and long-term.

Using the Power of Three to Make a Lasting Impression

The key to making a lasting impression is to have a unique, genuine introduction. I often recommend researching the best Shark Tank pitches. Usually, the most gripping are those with a compelling story that complements the entrepreneur’s drive to succeed. In other words, they include something beyond the product. These stories resonate with the Sharks, or in this case, an interviewer.

Finding Your Confident Self

All too often, women I work with are blind to their strengths. As women, we are prone to comparing ourselves to other people. This can be especially dangerous for women who have taken a career break. They look at friends and family who have stayed in the workforce and worry about how they compare. While they may have full confidence in themselves as a mother, a caregiver and the one who keeps the wheels on the bus (or minivan) going, they lack confidence in their ability to translate their experience back into a professional environment.

10 Promises Every Working Mother Should Make

When Anna Jarvis created the first Mother’s Day in 1908, she envisioned a day of “sentiment” for mothers.

Why I Have Snapchat… And Other Tales of Continuous Learning

A few months ago, I asked my reverse mentor (I also call him my son) to set me up on Snapchat. I’d heard teenagers and young adults talk about the social media platform, and although I already use Facebook and LinkedIn and even know who to follow on Twitter, I had no idea how to use Snapchat. And truthfully? I also had no idea why I would even use it.

Hiring Returning Women is the New Norm

Over the past few years, Corporate America has seen a steady increase in companies experimenting with return to work programs for returning women. Companies continue to dip their proverbial toe in the water, one returnship at a time. From Silicon Valley tech giants to Wall Street stalwarts and emerging growth innovators, companies are increasingly interested in the enormous talent pool of experienced professional women on the sidelines today that could contribute to a more financially lucrative tomorrow.

What You and Oprah Have in Common

When you think of someone with an amazing and captivating personal brand, who comes to mind? For me, it’s Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is well… Oprah. It doesn’t get much better than her for a personal brand!

5 Tips for Returning to Work from a Returner

The decision to take career off-ramps and on-ramps is not easy. These are the five things that helped me get my confidence and career back, and find a job I love.

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