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Return-to-Work Program

reacHIRE is proud to partner with Google Cambridge to bring exciting return-to-work opportunities in Software Engineering as part of the Google Engineering Return-to-Work Program starting this fall.
This 9-month long Google Engineering Return-to-Work Program will offer you a rare chance to work with some of the most accomplished developers in the world, learn best-in-class software development processes and apply the key learning in real-time. The program offers opportunities in Software Engineering across several product areas including:

  • Google Search
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Cloud
  • Google Photos
  • Google Travel
  • Google News
  • Android Play Games
  • Firebase

“A big part about this program is going to be not only developing new skills, but learning a lot about Google, about the products and about the customers that we serve. It’s really an amazing opportunity."

— Tali Sason, Senior Engineering Manager Site Lead, Google Cambridge

About the Program

reacHIRE will provide 360 degrees of support with interview and resume prep, finding the right role, providing comprehensive training, and a dedicated program manager to help you every step of the way. The Google Engineering Return-to-Work program will kick-start with a series of classroom sessions to refresh your coding skills. This will be followed by a transition to embedding in the engineering teams, and working alongside Google engineers, engineering managers and mentors who will answer any questions and make sure everyone is as successful as they can be.

The company is looking for individuals who are curious with an appetite for learning and willingness to collaborate with their teammates, across teams and product areas in order to drive big impact for their users.

“Be curious. Dig in. Ask questions. Collaboration is a big part of what we do here, and it’s how we make the teams successful."

— Brad Lassey, Engineering Manager, Google Cambridge

Google Culture

Google is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. The company aims to create a workplace that celebrates the diversity of its employees, customers and users. They endeavor to build products that work for everyone by including perspectives from a diverse group of backgrounds.

Google believes in creating access to information and building products that improve people’s lives. The company lays immense emphasis on empowering its employees to grow and develop by making learning part of everyone’s job.

Google believes that a strong learning culture can better position an organization for future needed skill shifts and primes its employees to think and act more like owners when it comes to their own development needs. At Google, 80% of all tracked trainings are run through an employee-to-employee network. This volunteer teaching network of over 6,000 Google employees dedicate a portion of their time to helping their peers learn and grow.