Fidelity Resume Program


reacHIRE is proud to partner with Fidelity Investments to bring exciting return-to-work opportunities across a range of locations like Westlake, TX, Raleigh, NC, and New England (Smithfield, RI, Merrimack, NH, Boston, MA.) The Fidelity Resume Program will give you the opportunity to work with some of the most accomplished professionals in the financial services industry! This 6-month program includes opportunities in the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Business – Program and Project Management


About the Program

The Fidelity Resume Program

This is a 6-month, full-time, paid opportunity for individuals who have taken a voluntary career break of 2+ years. Please note candidates who have worked in part-time roles or have done independent contracting will be considered for this program. You will be part of a community of fellow professionals also returning to work and participating in the program together.


What to Expect

At the end of the program, you may be eligible for full-time or extended contracting work at Fidelity Investments, but this is not guaranteed. Throughout the program, reacHIRE will provide 360-degree support with interview and resume prep, finding the right role, providing comprehensive skills-based training, and a dedicated Program Manager to help you every step of the way!

Please Note: reacHIRE is unable to sponsor program participants for the duration of our Return-to-Work programs.

Learn More About the Program Experience From Our Resumers

Hear From Senior Leadership at Fidelity

“I’ve had fabulous interactions with reacHIRE Return-to-Work members and they are so excited about the program, and so grateful that they found reacHIRE and to the extent that they’ve engaged in the Fidelity RESUME Program felt like it made a difference in their lives and that’s really great to hear. I mean that to me makes it all completely worth it.”


— Abby Johnson, Chairman and CEO, Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Culture

Fidelity is more than a financial services firm. Fidelity is an innovator.

Fidelity is a leader in defining investment strategies, a trusted partner in local communities, a committed voice for diversity and a pioneer in developing cutting-edge technological solutions. As a privately-held company, Fidelity has the autonomy to do things the right way. For its clients. For its people. For the long-run.

As a company, Fidelity is constantly innovating and challenging the status quo in order to deliver more value to their customers. It’s core to who they are and they truly believe in their founder’s words: “Take intelligent risks, rather than follow the crowd.”

Diversity and inclusion are some of the most important words in business today. Fidelity believes that diversity means differences in thought, experiences and perspectives – in addition to gender, race and orientation. They believe inclusion is about being “different together” and that collaboration with a conscious acknowledgement and celebration of their differences is what fuels innovation. For Fidelity, diversity and inclusion are not boxes to check—it is an ongoing process that begins with who they hire, how they develop their employees and ends with the great experiences for their customers.

Fidelity will make sure you have all of the support you need to blaze your own trail! Apply Today and start your return-to-work journey!