Women’s History Month 2021: Challenge, Congratulate & Celebrate

Women’s History Month 2021: Challenge, Congratulate & Celebrate

Women’s History Month 2021: Challenge, Congratulate & Celebrate

At reacHIRE, we believe in challenging the status quo for women in the workplace everyday. It is at the core of our mission to empower women at all ages and stages of their careers through return-to-work programs and employer-sponsored virtual communities for small groups of women.

But at this particular moment, as we recover from a global pandemic that has forced 2.4 million women out of the workforce and set women’s advancement back by almost a decade, we feel it is important to get even more specific about what exactly needs to be done to put women on a stronger and more resilient post-Covid pathway to success.

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day’s invitation to #ChooseToChallenge, we at reacHIRE:

#ChooseToChallenge companies to welcome women bringing different skills and unique perspectives back to the workforce after the pandemic;

#ChooseToChallenge businesses to commit to investing in support programs that can scale to meet the needs of all female employees, especially women of color, women in technology and working mothers;

#ChooseToChallenge our government leaders to pass equal pay reform nationally and help provide high-quality, affordable childcare options for working parents.

We also choose to congratulate employers who are leading their respective industries in deploying women’s programs as scalable strategies.

In telecom and mobile, we celebrate T-Mobile and CIO Brian King for their visionary leadership & support of DE&I return-to-work programs for men and women.

In consumer retail, we celebrate Wayfair and VP of Talent Kate Gulliver for their commitment to hiring top talent with a variety of backgrounds to foster a company culture where everyone is empowered to innovate together.

In data science, we celebrate Inmar Intelligence and President and Chief Client Officer Jennifer Mauldin for the Inmar Empowering Women Foundation and the work it is doing to help businesses and communities benefit from the unique contributions of women by helping to address the root cause issues that prevent women from reaching their full potential in life and business.

In semiconductors and manufacturing, we celebrate Analog Devices (ADI) and Vice President of Talent Kerry Field for retaining and promoting more women to management positions, formalizing an internal training and sponsorship program to set specific goals to increase diversity, and providing development resources for women through the reacHIRE Aurora platform.

In consumer robotics & technology, we celebrate iRobot and EVP Human Resources and Corporate Communications Russ Campenello for their unwavering commitment to improving gender diversity and provide more support for women through scalable community and mentorship programs for women in predominantly male tech environments.

In financial services, we celebrate Fidelity Investments and CEO Abby Johnson for their ground-breaking Fidelity RESUME program that provides a clear path to full-time employment for returners at all ages and stages of their career journey.

In software and services, we celebrate Everbridge and Cara Antonacci and its bold decision to challenge the status quo in technology by focusing on programs that empower and elevate more women through small-group community, training and professional guides.

And finally and most especially, we celebrate our reacHIRE alumnae and every courageous woman doing more than her share during this pandemic. All women have unique value and potential to bring to the world which is why reacHIRE only partners with companies who believe in that, and believe in you.

Happy Women’s History Month! What (and who) are you choosing to challenge, congratulate and celebrate this year?



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