More than 3.5 million women left the U.S. workforce during the pandemic and nearly half of women (48 percent) are planning to change jobs in the next six months, posing significant challenges to organizations’ gender diversity goals.    How can your company better support women so they

We recently co-hosted a virtual event on “How to Engage Women and Turn the ‘Great Resignation’ into the ‘Great Retention,’ in partnership with the Massachusetts High Technology Council (MHTC). See a recap of the event below.    The pandemic has wreaked havoc on women’s careers and organizations’

“We need to double and triple down on the broken rung - it’s a numbers game,” said Rachel Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder at, during the recent Wall Street Journal event devoted to discussing and elevating the issues to support, nurture and retain women in

More than 2.5 million women left the U.S. workforce during the pandemic and nearly half (48 percent) of American workers are currently seeking new opportunities that offer better benefits, flexibility, or pay. Both the “She-cession” and the "Great Resignation” up-ended gender diversity, employee engagement, and

The Covid-19 pandemic brought into full view what has been broken for women in corporate America for a very long time. It also afforded business leaders an opportunity to have real conversations and brainstorm scalable solutions to create positive change for multitudes of women, not

Virtual, Employer-Provided Platform Supports Women’s Milestone Moments in a Hybrid Work Setting CONCORD, MA — June 28, 2021  – Committed to helping companies support professional women at pivotal milestone moments in their careers, reacHIRE today announced partnerships with a diverse group of national experts who will

Your Aurora Questions Answered: Meet Jessica   We are happy to welcome Jessica Kuna to reacHIRE as Director of Business Development for the Aurora platform.   Jessica recently moved back to her hometown outside Pittsburgh after spending time living in Birmingham, Alabama. She and her fiancée are proud pup

Taking Proactive Steps to Engage & Retain Women At a time when 1 in 4 women are considering leaving the workforce due to Covid, a global tech manufacturer wanted to make sure its women felt supported, especially highly valuable employees who also represent a more at-risk

Since the first case of Covid in the United States just over a year ago, nearly 2.2 million women have left the labor force. The effort to stop the Covid slide for working mothers has turned into a full-blown She-Cession. As we enter the second

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing once again focused a light on the challenges we have overcome in breaking down gender barriers in America, and the work still left to be done. Ginsburg famously said that “real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.”

reacHIRE recently brought together “culture creators” from leading companies to share how their organizations are driving diversity, equity and inclusion for women during the Covid-19 she-cession. As professional women leave the workforce at unprecedented rates in order to take care of their families, the long-term

BOSTON, MA — October 25, 2020  – Committed to helping companies support professional women at different ages and stages of their careers, reacHIRE today announced an expansion of its industry-leading Aurora platform to help companies better engage, support and retain mid-career women.   Similar to the Aurora

How to support women in STEM positions and preserve your talent pipeline    The pandemic has challenged us all, but women are especially feeling the weight. Studies show they shoulder the burden of the responsibilities for schooling, caregiving, and domestic duties with a full house of children,

COVID-19 shifted the world of work, adding new challenges for employees and employers alike. And women have been hit particularly hard.  Citing that 1 in 4 women in corporate America have left or are considering exiting the workforce due to the pandemic, the 2020 Women

The COVID-19 pandemic is an acid test for leadership skills, separating the gold practices that are necessary for retaining and advancing employees during difficult times, from those that tarnish and rust. With unemployment rates higher than any other point in US history and virtual work

By Addie Swartz, CEO, reacHIRE Over the last few weeks, my social feeds have been flooded with articles driving home the same theme. One that resonated with me came from The Guardian; its headline, “Are female leaders more successful at managing the coronavirus crisis?” The Guardian

Addie Swartz, CEO of reacHIRE, recently joined a Boston Chamber of Commerce panel on "The Future of Boston: The Workforce." The panel discussed how the response to the coronavirus has changed how we work and will work as businesses reopen and people return to working

A panel discussion on building and sustaining a resilient workforce Duration: 45 minutes   Download this OnDemand webinar to hear a panel discussion on building and sustaining a resilient workforce.     Geared toward helping Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion leaders respond to our new virtual and changing world ofwork,

Doing business during the COVID-19 crisis offers new challenges, sometimes changing daily, for employees and employers alike. To offer advice and support to the business community, we asked two of our Certified Aurora Guides to answer a few questions about building resilience in teams. Joining moderator

Elaine Walker has seen a lot in her 25 years designing and implementing global HR programs, but nothing compares to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not even during Hurricane Katrina when she was the SVP of Human Resources at Shell Oil Company facing new logistical challenges by

While ‘social distancing’ is necessary, it shouldn’t mean losing human connection. How can company leaders keep the momentum and engagement going in a virtual work world? What initiatives can you take to maintain social solidarity during the current reality of social distancing? With the unfolding

BOSTON, MA — February 11, 2020 – reacHIRE, the pioneer of programs that advance and retain professional women at all ages and stages, today launched the Aurora Platform – a scalable and affordable online platform built for companies to systematically improve the retention and advancement