TitleRevisiting D&I Goals: In a Crisis We Have Opportunity


Addie Swartz, CEO of reacHIRE, recently joined a Boston Chamber of Commerce panel on “The Future of Boston: The Workforce.” The panel discussed how the response to the coronavirus has changed how we work and will work as businesses reopen and people return to working in offices.

Also on the panel were Rekha Chiruvolu of Nixon Peabody, Kerry Stakem of PwC, Mary Kelly of ABCorp, and Maria Silvestri of Stop & Shop, discussing the positive shifts they’ve made to meet their employees needs during a time of crisis.

The Chamber shared takeaways from the event including a quote from Addie, “In a crisis we have opportunity. We can reshape what the future of workforce looks like, with diversity and inclusion goals at the forefront.”

Visit the Boston Chamber of Commerce’s video site for the full conversation.