Professional Development Platform for Women

Scalable Professional Development Solutions for All Women

Discover how the right professional development platform can enhance all the investments you’ve made in diversity in your workforce and improve productivity, engagement, and retention.

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Engage More of The Talent in Your Company

Aurora helps to create meaningful connections and navigate daily workplace challenges, all based on reacHIRE’s decade of experience supporting women in the workplace.

Build Belonging Into Your Workplace Culture

Whether they’re in the office or working remotely, Aurora gives women the tools they need to connect, develop valuable relationships, and become part of a powerful community.

Provide Immediate Career Support

Short videos and immediate expert advice from executives who have successfully navigated the same issues employees in your company face, available just as concerns and opportunities arise.

Amplify Impact with
Powerful Analytics

Aurora provides detailed reporting on its impact and surfaces actionable insights. Armed with these insights, you’ll understand the issues that matter most–and where your company can improve.

97 %

Aurora participants felt more connected to their community

84 %

Want to be at their company 12 months from now

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