How Aurora Works

Empowering the women in your company so that they thrive and stay

How Aurora Works

Empowering the women in your company so that they thrive and stay

“Aurora is a game-changer. With the Aurora platform we are able to create peer-to-peer connections across multiple locations to foster belonging and increase engagement.”


– Cara Antonacci, VP of HR, Everbridge

“Aurora enables you to virtually meet and speak with other women in the company who are focusing on personal and professional growth. Ultimately, it helps boost confidence and assists in highlighting your career objectives.”


– Aurora Participant

“By implementing a scalable engagement and retention platform like Aurora, we are making an investment in accelerating the growth of our early-career women and retaining top talent.”


– Russell Campanello, EVP, Human Resources & Corporate Communications

The 10 Minute Career Workout

A great way to spend 10 minutes. Aurora serves up short, impactful exercises and experiences that build the soft skills needed for success. Similar to exercise tracking, an intuitive dashboard lets women manage their progress, and challenges them to meet their goals.

Real Leaders, Real Stories

Aurora features more than 1,000 powerful two-minute videos, so women can benefit from real-world examples and insights from women leaders and executives who have faced similar challenges.

Ask The Expert

Different challenges pop up every day. Women don’t have to wait to discuss with a mentor or raise a broader issue at an ERG meeting. Now they can get immediate feedback from senior executive Guides.

Community Building

With virtual live events that bring peers together and tools to facilitate shared experiences, Aurora fosters belonging and connection for growth and skill building.

Supercharge Your ERGs eBook

While employee resource groups (ERGs) have seen widespread adoption in recent years, research shows that companies face challenges with overall effectiveness and participation rate.

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