Why Aurora?

Companies have a turnover problem: women are leaving the workforce due to burnout, disengagement, and lack of advancement. Re-engage your talent with Aurora.

Why Aurora?

Companies have a turnover problem: women are leaving the workforce due to burnout, disengagement, and lack of advancement. Re-engage your talent with Aurora.

Foster Belonging & Curb Burnout in a Hybrid World

The lines between work and personal lives have blurred, leading to 42% of women feeling burned out.

Aurora addresses burnout by fostering belonging so women feel more supported and less isolated. Aurora connects women through shared experiences, wellness tools, and inspiring real-world learning and coaching.

Aurora Participants Report Improved Belonging


91% of Aurora participants have built a network of peers


90% of participants feel a sense of belonging at their company


89% report that the Aurora team helped them feel more supported at work

Engage Women to Avoid the Great Resignation

One in three women have considered downshifting or pausing their careers and more than half are considering career changes.

Now more than ever, companies need to support employee development to increase engagement and retention. Aurora gives women the tools to develop leadership skills, have courageous career conversations, and help them better navigate the key pain points they face.

Aurora’s Impact on Engagement & Retention

95 %

of participants report that Aurora helped them perform at a higher level at work

84 %

report that they want to be at their company 12 months from now

Drive Skill Development with Real-World Learning

Nearly 75% of women view employer-sponsored development and training as important, yet only 39% say their employers provide such resources.

Aurora takes a holistic approach to employee development with a community of peers, continuous skill-building and learning, and expert guidance. Through the power of real-world stories and shared experiences, Aurora builds confidence and connection to empower career growth.

How Aurora Supports Skills Development


of Aurora participants report they are more confident navigating their careers


say their company makes their development a priority

Fix the Broken Rung to Diversify Your Leadership Pipeline

Women will go elsewhere if not offered the opportunity to grow. Companies that use Aurora to fix the broken rung are investing in a diverse leadership pipeline. Aurora builds the key leadership skills that are necessary in today’s work world to help women thrive and advance in their careers.

Learn More about Diversifying your Leadership Pipeline

Aurora Supports Women’s Leadership Growth

90 %

of participants report that Aurora has helped them build the skills they need to advance

89 %

report that they have become more effective leaders

88 %

report that Aurora has helped them build their leadership skills

Companies are challenged to deliver results on DEI investments. Aurora quantifies impact and provides actionable insights on key issues women in your workforce are facing, indicating where you can improve the employee experience to reduce turnover.

Aurora’s anonymous, aggregated data and statistics include:

Behavioral impact

and organizational health indicators


and engagement data


topics and interests


in leadership skills

“Aurora is a game-changer. With the Aurora platform we are able to create peer-to-peer connections across multiple locations to foster belonging and increase engagement.”


– Cara Antonacci, VP of HR, Everbridge

“Aurora enables you to virtually meet and speak with other women in the company who are focusing on personal and professional growth. Ultimately, it helps boost confidence and assists in highlighting your career objectives.”


– Aurora Participant

“By implementing a scalable engagement and retention platform like Aurora, we are making an investment in accelerating the growth of our early-career women and retaining top talent.”


– Russell Campanello, EVP, Human Resources & Corporate Communications

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