Build A Gender Balanced Workforce

Are you making enough progress with gender diversity in the workplace? Learn how our gender diversity solutions can help your company shine.

Build A Gender Balanced Workforce

Are you making enough progress with gender diversity in the workplace? Learn how our gender diversity solutions can help your company shine.

Benefits of Gender Diversity in the Workplace

A gender-balanced workforce adds tremendous value to a company’s bottom line. Gender-diverse companies are more profitable than U.S. industry averages and organizations with more women in management positions have a higher return on equity than those that lack gender diversity.

The Broken Rung Continues to Hold Women Back

Despite the many benefits, a gender-balanced workforce is not the norm today. Women are underrepresented at every level of an organization and for every 100 men promoted to management positions, only 86 women are promoted. Although women enter the workforce at rates similar to those of men, their upward path often deviates right at the beginning, reducing gender diversity in the workplace in managerial positions.

This under-promotion of women early in their careers greatly impacts the pipeline of women available for middle and senior management positions, which significantly impacts the gender gap at higher organizational levels.

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Women’s Careers Need Attention

To address and overcome challenges of turnover, burnout, and lack of women’s representation in leadership, companies need to focus on fostering belonging and community, offering ongoing support and development, and providing access to real-world learning opportunities.

Gender Diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Fields

Lack of gender balance is most pronounced in STEM fields, with women only accounting for 27% of U.S. workers across STEM industries. Additionally, more than half of women in STEM fields quit their jobs by the midpoint of their careers, due to feelings of isolation, lack of support, and other challenges.

When women feel they belong and see real evidence that they are valued, they are more engaged, perform better, and more likely to stay. reacHIRE’s Aurora platform is used by tech companies to foster belonging and overcome challenges that often drive women away from STEM roles, by connecting women to develop skills, share experiences, and gain real-life advice from women who have navigated similar work situations.

Are You Struggling to Retain Women in Tech?

Every company is a tech company. Even if you’re not in the tech business, retaining women in tech roles – and helping them thrive and grow with you – is a top priority across organizations.

With few other women in similar roles at many organizations, many women in tech roles are often left feeling like islands of one, especially as they advance in their careers.

Learn how three leading companies successfully engage and retain women in their workforce.

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DEI is in our DNA and we offer two proven solutions to take action on your gender diversity goals.

The Aurora platform is designed to unlock potential, increase engagement, and drive retention among women in your workforce.

Our industry-leading Return-to-Work programs bring highly qualified, diverse professionals back to the workforce following a career break.


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