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Our client wanted to increase its pipeline of diverse talent in the organization. The initial program was championed by the Chief Technology Officer. He has stated, “In order to drive innovation, you need diversity in your company. But the reverse is actually true–sometimes in order to get diversity you need a spark of innovation.”

reacHIRE launched our first Return program at the company in 2013 and have continued to work with this company for a decade. We source candidates for multiple geographies around the US, and interview and vet candidates based on our experience assessing who will be a successful returner and who will fit into a company’s culture. We then work with hiring managers to match candidates with open positions, and help prepare professionals who have been out of the workforce on a career break for multiple years for company interviews. reacHIRE provides proprietary return-to-work immersive training, and ongoing coaching and support during the six-month Returnship program which precedes full-time job offers.

The Results

reacHIRE has helped this firm hire hundreds of professionals across the US in a wide variety of roles, including project managers, financial analysts, business analysts, systems analysts, software engineers, and marketing managers. 50% of the candidates hired held master’s degrees or higher; 62% were people of color; 93% have been women.

We are now integrated into the company’s twice yearly planning of its talent pipeline strategy.

A number of returners from reacHIRE have been promoted and the company has enjoyed loyalty and strong retention.

The reacHIRE program receives very high marks from participants: 93% program satisfaction and 94% would recommend the program to others.

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Through team-based Returnship programs tailored to meet a company’s culture and business needs, reacHIRE delivers the highest success and retention rate of any Return-to-Work program. For over a decade, reacHIRE has been helping leading companies across industries find, support, motivate and retain female talent and build more diverse work environments.