reacHIRE Returnship Fuels Financial Services Company’s Growth

About The Company

Our client is a reputable player in the financial services industry dedicated to helping businesses and individuals manage their financial investments. We partnered together to launch our first Return-to-Work program in 2013. Since then, we have been integrated into their hiring/talent pipeline strategy biannually, building a steady stream of gender-diverse talent into their long-term hiring pipeline. As tech and finance are traditionally male-dominant fields, our client is specifically focused on increasing the population of women with core skills in other industries and encouraging them to enter into new spaces and bring fresh perspectives to their teams.

The Challenge

This client needed to increase the diversity of their workforce, particularly in tech and finance areas. The goal was to fill 43 positions in various US geographies. Candidates needed to have the right mix of previous experience, aptitude, and ability to mesh with the client’s culture and be able to commit to full-time work.

The Solution

The reacHIRE team promoted the program extensively. They sourced, vetted and interviewed candidates, and provided the client’s hiring managers with a slate of highly qualified candidates from which to choose. The selected cohort completed reacHIRE’s proprietary return to work immersion training during the initial week of their program, then went on to work for 6 months with teams and hiring managers, supported all the while by a dedicated reacHIRE Program Manager. 93% of the program participants stayed on after the program ended.

93 %

of the program participants stayed on after the program ended

The Results

Not only were we able to fill these positions, but we were able to fill them with diverse candidates. 53% of candidates placed were POC, with 79% of them being women. Additionally, the onboarding experience was highly rated by 100% of the participants who are going into their new roles with excitement and optimism. While this is a recent cohort, we know that these returners stay with the companies who run these programs. After tracking participants that converted to full-time roles, 100% are still with the company after 2+ years. 


of the program participants stayed on after the program ended


of diverse candidates placed were women


of candidates placed were POC

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Through team-based Returnship programs tailored to meet a company’s culture and business needs, reacHIRE delivers the highest success and retention rate of any Return-to-Work program. For over a decade, reacHIRE has been helping leading companies across industries find, support, motivate and retain female talent and build more diverse work environments.