What People Are Saying

Action was the rallying call at the 2018 reacHIRE, the Mass High Tech Council and McKinsey Women in the Workplace event where more than 200 attendees across 75 organizations came together to share what companies can do to help women thrive, lead, advance and stay.

From the inspiring firepower in the room at the event, we captured the voices of the participants highlighting topics that were most top-of-mind for them that morning:

Kate Gulliver - Wayfair

Paul Lesser - Fidelity

Addie Swartz - reacHIRE

Megan Greenfield - McKinsey

Sarah Carmichael - Harvard Business Review

The “Changing the Trajectory for Women: How Companies Can Lean In Too” panelists:

Moderator: Sarah Green Carmichael, Executive Editor of Harvard Business Review
Dr. Laurie Leshin, President of Worcester Polytechnic Institute;
Kate Gulliver, VP & Global Head of Talent at Wayfair;
Parul Singh, Principal at Founder Collective;
Paul Lesser, Head of Talent Acquisition at Fidelity Investments.

Through reacHIRE’s work helping professional women and businesses succeed, we know that there are landmines at every stage of the pipeline. The companies that make intentional shifts in the way they advance women are the ones that get ahead. As Peter Drucker said, “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”