Navigating The Changing Landscape in Today’s Workforce

Hear from diverse leaders such as Addie Swartz, CEO & Founder of reacHIRE, Rich Robles VP, Chief Diversity Officer, Boston Children’s Hospital, Alejandro Reyes Global Chief People Officer, Author, & DEIB Strategist and Rajesh Anandan Lecturer at MIT, Co-Founder & CEO, Ultranauts Inc. on topics related to their unwavering commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion despite current challenges such as economic downturns, political divisions, and ongoing conflicts. And gain insights into the crucial role of DEI in organizational success and understand its significance for companies as we move into the latter half of 2023.

Insights for Building a Diverse Workplace

Developing and nurturing an inclusive culture is essential for organizations striving for success and growth in our diverse society. Learn about the various ways you can cultivate an inclusive culture.

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Take Action on Developing an Inclusive Culture

Build an inclusive culture by implementing programs that hire experienced returners and develop women’s leadership initiatives to identify and nurture talented individuals for succession planning and early to mid career progression.

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Case Studies

reacHIRE Returnship Fuels Financial Services Company’s Growth

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Female Leaders Takeoff at Rocket Software with reacHIRE

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