Meet Some Our Program Managers

Shefali Bhutani

I am a certified Executive and Performance coach with over a decade of experience in supporting people through their career paths, whether it is a change or return-to-work journey. I have worked in three different continents which has empowered me to work with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. I bring this experience with me to support Returners on their journeys.

Laura Shackelford

I am an experienced Career Coach with over a decade of experience helping people level up in their career paths. I have a background in Human Resources and Higher Education leadership, where I have assisted thousands of students and alumni in exploring careers, navigating the job market, and achieving their career goals. Today, I support cohorts of returners as they navigate back to the full-time workforce after an extended career break. I love coaching, empowering, and building a positive and productive experience for returners in their individual career journeys.

Amanda Olender

I am a Certified Professional Coach with over a decade of experience in Human Resources and I have a passion for helping people live a life driven by purpose and passion, both at work and at home. I took a career break when my kids were young, so I know first hand what it is like to return to the workforce.

Olivia Peters

I’m originally from Boston and still live in the area with my husband and three young children. Before coming to reacHIRE, I spent many years in HR and technology recruiting at a robotics firm before taking my own two year career break. As a Returner myself, I am incredibly passionate about giving professionals the space to take a break and still resume amazing careers!

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