Dial Back into the Workforce with
T-Mobile “Webinar Replay”

Have a career break or transitioning from the military? Dial back into your career through a returnship with reacHIRE! 

Hear what it’s like to work in a returnship, and what hiring managers are really looking for in an applicant from Joanne de Guzman, T-Mobile Sr. Program Manager leading the TechX Returnship program with reacHIRE.  She shares the inside scoop on the T-Mobile culture.

Alex Asuncion, TechX Returnship program participant, describes his experience with reacHIRE, his transition from military service to corporate work, and how both reacHIRE and Hire Heroes helped him on his return-to-work journey.

Tairyn Mosley, Employer Engagement Specialist from Hire Heroes, rounds out the conversation with some advice for veterans on enhancing their job search.

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