What Is a Career Break?


There’s more than one reason for stepping away from a full time professional career. In fact breaks are as individual as the people who take them.

When we partner with a company to design a program to bring returners to their workforce, we are often asked: What exactly is a career break?

While it varies by client, a career break generally means two years away from full time employment. It may not mean you didn’t work at all. You may still be eligible if you:

  • Worked part-time
  • Helped out in a friend’s or family business
  • Worked occasionally (i.e., substitute teacher, realtor, accountant during tax season)
  • Became an independent contractor, selling products or services  
  • Freelanced or ran your own small business
  • Were in the military and are now transitioning to civilian life

We partner with progressive firms who value aptitude and attitude over a perfect resume. Our clients rely on reacHIRE to find people with great experience and refresh their skills with a specialized training program. 

If you’re ready to re-enter the workforce full time after a break, the reacHIRE Return-to-Work program is for you! We’re interested in your story and strongly encourage you to apply to open positions that fit your skill set. We’ll help you with the rest so you can get back to work.