Using the Power of Three to Make a Lasting Impression

The key to making a lasting impression is to have a unique, genuine introduction. We often recommend researching the best Shark Tank pitches. Usually, the most gripping are those with a compelling story that complements the entrepreneur’s drive to succeed. In other words, they include something beyond the product. These stories resonate with the Sharks, or in this case, an interviewer.

“The Power of Three” is a strategic technique that can be used to build a powerful brand and story. Think of three elements, verbs or adjectives that can be used to describe yourself. Avoid falling into the false belief that promoting yourself is bragging, because truly, politely and eloquently talking about your attributes is appealing to the interviewer. Choosing three words that are truly unique to you provides a framework to communicate three specific attributes. In addition, by comprehending your own strengths and weaknesses, you can then create a story about yourself that is just as intriguing as the entrepreneur’s Shark Tank pitches.

Legendary author and thought leader Tom Peters wrote a classic article, “The Brand Called You.” In it he explains the concept of branding yourself, and how your reputation is invariably a compilation of your previous accomplishments, behaviors and actions. Building a personal brand is first and foremost in developing an authentic understanding of yourself. Finding three attributes that encapsulate your essence can help to enhance the impression you leave.

Developing a true understanding of your personal brand is also a helpful tool when it comes to being asked the unoriginal question, “What is one word which describes you best?” You’ll have three. Nothing beats being over prepared! The elements you choose should suitably describe who you are as a person, your work ethic, and reflect your passions. Have choices that are specific to the position you want, avoiding clichés, like “I am hardworking.”

As illustrated in Shark Tank, differentiation is imperative to selling a product. Why is your product better than any other? Why should I hire you? What will you do for my business? Being able to effectively articulate who you are in addition to explaining your credentials is imperative. If it was always only about the product, a robot could present the product to the sharks. But, it’s not. It is the story beyond the product that will seal the deal.

Translating your uniqueness into value is something that not a lot of people are able to communicate with ease. However, by utilizing the Power of Three, you can make a lasting impression that works to maximize your career potential and land that new role.