Spark Action on DEI Goals

Leading with diversity leads to success

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Spark Action on DEI Goals

Leading with diversity leads to success

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Accelerate Women’s Career Potential


Many U.S. companies struggle to make gender equality a reality – especially at middle management and leadership levels. For every 100 men promoted to management roles, only 86 women are promoted, causing women to continue to lose ground throughout the leadership pipeline.

reacHIRE provides companies with alternative, impactful solutions to diversify their talent pipelines, and engage and retain female employees.

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Re-energize & Re-engage Your Female Talent

In today’s hybrid world of work, women are facing increased burnout, making career changes at rapid rates and expecting more support from their employers to advance in their careers.

With reacHIRE’s professional development platform Aurora, companies have a new ally to address the challenges of turnover, burnout, and lack of women at all levels of leadership.

  • Unlock potential, maximize productivity, and re-engage female talent

  • Develop skills, share experiences, and gain real-world expert advice to uplift careers

  • Foster belonging and create community through the power of peer-to-peer networks

  • Fix the broken rung to increase women’s representation throughout the leadership pipeline

Radiate Growth Across Your Company


Aurora is purposefully built to supercharge how your company uplifts, empowers, engages, and connects women to accelerate their success.

Reignite Careers & Build a Diverse Talent Pipeline


We believe a career break is not a career breaker. Professionals returning to work following time away face significant challenges – unrealistic job requirements, unconscious bias toward  career breaks or older workers, and HR tech that weeds out people with resume gaps, even if they’re qualified.

With reacHIRE’s cohort-based Return-to-Work programs, you can access hidden talent pools of exceptional professionals ready to make an impact at your organization – at scale.

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“The positive results from the Return-to-Work pilot with reacHIRE… led to us broadening the scope of the partnership across multiple technology organizations.”


– Brian King, EVP & Chief Information Officer, T-Mobile

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