March 27, 2018


Free 2-Day reacHIRE powerUP™ Training - Boston - Boston

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FREE Free 2-Day reacHIRE powerUP™ Training - Boston - Boston (March 27, 2018)

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about reacHIRE

reacHIRE gives companies access to exceptional, experienced professional women they cannot find on their own. With an average of 10-15 years of experience across highly skilled, in-demand markets, reacHIRE candidates have outstanding career and academic credentials, leadership acumen and the highest retention rate of any return-to-work program.

reacHIRE partners with companies who appreciate the skills, perspective, loyalty and leadership of professional women passionate about bringing their experience, knowledge and drive back to the corporate world. Through gender diversity programs tailored to a company's unique culture and business needs, reacHIRE uses proprietary training and support tools to carefully select and prepare under-the-radar, top talent who voluntarily off-ramped and are ready to on-ramp into a defined returnship assignment or permanent role.

Our sourcing expertise and cohort-based training offer immediate value to innovative corporations open to alternative talent acquisition strategies.

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"Working with reacHIRE helped opened the door to a whole new career for me. It was the first place where my career break was welcomed and embraced. reacHIRE helped prepare me to re-enter the workforce and meet a lot of great women in my similar situation."

— Beth, reacHIRE graduate


the importance of gender diversity

Source: *US Department of Education, **Woman in the Workplace, McKinsey & Company, ***Peterson Institute for International Economics

Women represent nearly 60% of the bachelor’s degrees earned in the U.S.*

Companies with females in top management deliver an average of 34% greater return to shareholders.**

Companies with diverse leadership are 15% more likely to outperform industry averages.***

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