Addie Swartz
A thought leader on women and work

Addie Swartz - CEOInnovative companies acknowledge the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They understand the need to engage and retain talented middle management women and actively promote careers for “returners.” reacHIRE CEO Addie Swartz, has spent her career building businesses that support the growth and advancement of women. A thought leader, Addie recently co-authored an article for strategy+business magazine called "Changing the Game for Women", which highlights tangible steps organizations can take to increase the number of women at every level.

As the founder and CEO of reacHIRE, she has put in place innovative solutions and partnered with forward-thinking companies to identify, train, on board and support high potential women who thrive, advance, lead and stay. reacHIRE understands the DNA of professional women and is using that expertise to help Fortune 500 companies deliver measurable solutions to propel more women into leadership.

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Building a New Path to Leadership for Women

The path to leadership for women is not the road less traveled, it is the road less offered. A woman’s career journey deviates right at the beginning with men advancing 21% more at the first level of promotion. But that's not the only roadblock on the path to leadership for women.

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Learn from this presentation how to build a new path to leadership for women, including how to:

  • Engage millennial and Gen Z women with new tools and technologies to retain talent by giving them what they need to thrive and advance;
  • Get more women into the jobs and roles from which executive appointments are made;
  • Harness the power of peer groups and sponsors to support and engage women at all ages and stages;
  • Bring more men into the conversation so they can be part of the solution;
  • Construct the off-ramps and on-ramps so women can step out of their careers and return without sacrificing a future path to leadership.

How Women Can Drive Their Own Career Success

The Lean In movement was Phase One. Phase Two is helping companies give women something tangible and strong to “Lean On” so they can drive their own success and dictate their futures. According to a PwC 2018 survey of 3,627 professional women from around the world, women do not trust what their bosses are telling them about promotions and pay, or what helps or hurts their careers.

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Addie will discuss, from her own experiences, what professional women should do to drive their own success and manage their careers.

  • How to blaze your own trail
  • How to take action when your situation isn’t working for you
  • Where and when to seek mentorship and sponsorship

How My Apple Pie Business Led to My Entrepreneurship Journey

There is a massive gender disparity in both the corporate and entrepreneurship world. Addie will discuss why to choose entrepreneurship, how to overcome gender bias, and how to start your own entrepreneurship journey.

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As a leading voice on how to support and advance professional women at all stages of their careers, Addie Swartz founded two female-focused businesses prior to reacHIRE, both at the intersection of media, technology and education. She will talk about:

  • Why entrepreneurship- Why? When? How?
  • How do you know you're ready to start down the path of entrepreneurship?
  • What is one thing you wish you had known ahead of time?
  • What does bootstrapping look like for women entrepreneurs?
  • What do recent trends show about women starting businesses now?
  • How to do it: 1st steps to get started

“The path to leadership for women is not the road less traveled, it is the road less offered.”
— Addie Swartz