corporate partner testimonials

“Since we began collaborating with reacHIRE, we’ve welcomed women to Fidelity in short-term, project-based technology roles as well as full-time employees. These programs are a win/win for all."

— Steve Neff, Fidelity Investments

"reacHIRE offers a unique opportunity to recruit experienced individuals who have been successful in global organizations. Boston Scientific benefited from a recent reacHIRE graduate who developed recommendations to improve the website experience of certain customers."

— Parashar Patel, Boston Scientific

"The entire reacHIRE team is awesome. We love the reacHIRE vision - helping smart and motivated women return to work. For a woman planning to return to work, it's an opportunity they will want to know about. We are excited about the offers we have extended to these fantastic women."

— reacHIRE Corporate Partner

“Our collaboration with reacHIRE supports our commitment to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment and is a valuable resource to identify and support talented women returning to the work force.”

— Mary Beth Moynihan, Boston Scientific

"Even if they don’t have experience in this exact field or industry, they know how to use their previous experiences and skills to get the job done in this setting. They know how to build relationships, how to navigate the organization to get their questions answered, and how to deliver!"

— reacHIRE Corporate Partner

"As a firm, we are able to offer experienced-but-new-again talent a chance to get back in action. They evaluate us as a potential employer while we address immediate staffing needs. We can also assess firsthand how these temporary workers might fit into our longer term planning.”

— Steve Neff, Fidelity Investments

"I was so impressed with the ability of the women to come in and hit the ground running. They came in with a maturity and a hunger to start contributing right away."

— reacHIRE Corporate Partner

“Returning women have been a great source of talent for us. It's part of our strategy to find top talent and create a highly inclusive workforce. Returning women bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm. This is an untapped pool that employers should absolutely consider.”

— Paul Lesser, Fidelity Investments

“We are excited to forge this new relationship with reacHIRE. This gives us a new connection point to a diverse and talented pool of candidates.”

— Scott Peterson, The Schwan Food Company

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