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Less than half of US companies are succeeding at making gender equality a reality—especially at middle management and leadership levels. reacHIRE bridges this gap, providing companies with immediate access to an alternative talent strategy for experienced, professional women.

At reacHIRE, training and coaching is a requirement, not an elective. Every reacHIRE candidate is extensively vetted and qualified by a team of seasoned human resource professionals, former CEOs and business leaders before entering the reacHIRE program. Once accepted, candidates complete an intensive training program to ensure they are equipped to thrive in today’s complex work environment.

We work closely with our corporate partners to continuously identify the right talent—both professionally and culturally—for project and permanent-based roles. We operate from the front lines, not a database, so we can personally account for the skills and talents of every reacHIRE candidate. This strategy has helped us achieve the highest retention rate for returning professional women in the industry.

Working with reacHIRE

Our corporate partners have the option of hiring candidates for full-time positions. For large organizations, we provide highly customized, exclusive programs for recruiting, training, and onboarding candidates, specific to an organization’s exact needs. We also offer smaller-scale programs designed to fit the needs of mid-sized organizations.

the importance of gender diversity

  • Companies with females in top management deliver an average of 34% greater return to shareholders.*
  • Companies with diverse leadership are 15% more likely to outperform industry averages.**
Source: *Women in the Workplace, McKinsey & Company, **Peterson Institute for International Economics

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"The entire reacHIRE team is awesome. We love the reacHIRE vision - helping smart and motivated women return to work. For a woman planning to return to work, it's an opportunity they will want to know about. We are excited about the offers we have extended to these fantastic women."

— reacHIRE Corporate Partner


value of reacHIRE workforce

Companies that support and utilize the reacHIRE program realize the benefits in multiple ways. In addition to bringing a professional maturity, commitment, and stability that resonates up, down and across an organization, women also provide companies with a workforce that is better aligned to their culture.

Alternate Sourcing Channel

Alternate Sourcing Channel

Highly skilled women with a career break or those looking to transition in their career are often overlooked in traditional recruitment processes.

Turnkey Solution

Turnkey Solution

reacHIRE offers a full service program designed to minimize the time and internal resources necessary to find, source and train top female talent.

Selection & Training

Selection & Training

reacHIRE carefully curates and selects candidates and customizes training solutions to meet the needs of each employer.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Throughout the program, the women and employer have dedicated program management support to ensure seamless integration into the organization.

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