Transitioning from the Military to a Civilian Career

Thank you for serving in the United States military and devoting years of your life to ensure our country is safe and protected. Are you ready to pursue a civilian career after military service, but aren’t sure how to take the first step? reacHIRE’s corporate clients value the qualities that ex-military personnel bring and are committed to enriching their workforces with veterans transitioning back to civilian life. A reacHIRE Returnship may be your path to a smooth transition to a civilian career.

How a Returnship Works

reacHIRE partners with forward-thinking organizations to bring a cohort of people returning to work after a career break (we call them Returners) back into the corporate workforce through a Return-to-Work program. We provide our Returners with free professional training, paid work, and ongoing career support throughout the program. Through this program, we prepare veterans to restart their careers confident of the value they add to an organization.

For the Returner, returnship programs serve as a training ground to learn about the culture, tools, and technologies used at the company while refreshing previously earned skills and applying your valuable experiences gained in the service. The 6-month program assists in your return to the corporate workforce by helping you get re-acclimated to a 9-5 schedule while networking and sharpening your skills.

Wait – Military Service is NOT a Career Break

While serving in the military isn’t a career break, it is a period of transition and can provide an opportunity for you to enter a Return-to-Work program. In addition to your college degree, prior work experience, and the skills you developed in the military, reacHIRE provides you with comprehensive professional coaching, training, and tools, so you can find a fulfilling and lasting career after the service.

Support for Spouses, Too

Those who served aren’t alone in facing challenges to employment. Changes in duty stations, deployments, and transfers affect the whole family. That often means upended career plans, underemployment, and long breaks of not working for spouses and partners of service members. If your career was put on pause while your spouse was deployed and now you are in a permanent home, reacHIRE can provide support for you, too!

Don’t Go It Alone

Transitioning your career from military service to a civilian career can be challenging. According to Hire Heroes, the military discharges 270,000 service members each year, and 80% of them don’t have a job lined up. With a reacHIRE dedicated program director, a cohort of fellow Returners, and free career coaching, you will have support and guidance on your career journey.

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