Celebrating Mother’s Day 2021

Celebrating Mother’s Day 2021

Celebrating all moms, moms to be, and mother figures in our lives after a year when….

  • working moms also became at-home moms, some scaling down or exiting the workforce regardless of whether they loved their work, to keep their families safe and sanity intact. 
  • all moms shouldered additional duties like teacher, entertainment director, and supply chain aficionado (There’s more toilet paper hidden in the basement!)
  • moms who kept working outside of the home put themselves at risk caring for the ill and the scared, responding to emergencies, ensuring food arrived on grocery store shelves and home to our tables, and educating and comforting our children. 

Thank you moms for your advice, fortitude, and wisdom. You are the strength we will use to rise and thrive in the years ahead.  

We’d like to share heartfelt, personal messages from our reacHIRE team.

I am so grateful for the wonderful role model my mother has been to me, and I’m inspired every day by the amazing women my daughters  — Aliza and Chloe — have become. – Addie Swartz

Thank you for providing me the love, space, and support to grow into the woman I am today. – Ariel Galipeau

My mom has taught me what it means to be a strong, resilient woman. I’m so proud to be her daughter. I love you, Mom! – Andrea Jolly

Thank you to my mamma who taught me how to be resilient. It has helped me navigate so many challenges in my personal and professional life! – Sabreen Haziq

Here I am, the world’s best mom, with the world’s only near-perfect child and my extraordinary mom. – Elza dos Santos

It’s been a challenging year for us, Mom. Thanks for being here for me and with me. I love you! – Ellen Oliver

Thank you to my Mom for raising me with so much love, support, and most of all, patience!  I love you! – Mimi Moss

Happy Mother’s Day — to the best Mom, with the biggest heart. You deserve the world and more. – Jessica Kuna

I am who I am because of you – thank you for teaching me the meaning of unconditional love and giving me all the tools I needed to become the Mom and woman I am today. – Sarah White

To all of the moms out there — and a special shout out to mine — you help make the world go ’round and you are so appreciated. Happy Mother’s Day! – Karen Giles



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