Be Ready for the Unforeseen Opportunity


Reflecting on her recent experiences, “We’ve Got This” co-founder Clare Graham shares the following thoughts:

Sitting at the kitchen table, staring at my laptop, what do I do next to find a job? Networking, LinkedIn, combing through online job postings, informational interviews. Pop! My Facebook feed shows reacHIRE – an organization to help women re-enter the workforce is offering a “Resume” workshop and a “powerUP” training to prepare to go back to work. It sounds interesting, all I have to do is send in my resume, how hard can that be I think, let’s go for this!

I send along my resume with a brief yet professional email. There’s a response email in my inbox a few days later–you have been selected to take the next step, please answer some questions for us by email. Sure, why not! I am about to pack up a family of 4 and put the dog in the kennel. We are about to travel halfway around the world to see family for two weeks. I can fit in few short answers to these questions can’t I? Before I know it I am writing my responses to these questions at LAX, surprisingly and thankfully the answers come quickly to the questions. I have thought about finding work for some time so the answers came easily and before flying off to Australia I hit “send” — off go my replies to reacHIRE.

We travel to visit family, my kids get to spend precious family time with relatives and experience life in so many other ways than we do at home. One day I check my email and there is another response from reacHIRE asking about an interview. I go with the flow and say I am overseas, could we Skype or arrange it after our return. We schedule something for two days after we return on a 24 hour flight that only takes 12 calendar hours.

We return home, I review my answers to their questions and think about new questions. I am barely adjusted to the time change and this time I walk into an office thinking – I want this. There isn’t anything about these steps and actions that make them unique, however I have an openness to new opportunities. With a willingness to try something new and by taking time to consider my answers, goals and desires; I was able to move forward on the path to that one job we are all seeking. Sending off my application led me on the path to what would become a returnship.