Addie Swartz
A thought leader on women and work

Addie Swartz - CEOInnovative companies acknowledge the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They understand the need to engage and retain talented women and actively promote careers for people returning to work after a career break as well as growing leaders from their existing workforce. reacHIRE CEO Addie Swartz, has spent her career building businesses that support the growth and advancement of women.

As the founder and CEO of reacHIRE, Addie has put in place innovative solutions and partnered with forward-thinking companies to identify, train, on board and support high potential women so they thrive, advance, lead, and stay. Addie understands the DNA of professional women and she uses that expertise to help Fortune 500 companies deliver measurable solutions to propel more women into leadership.

Launched by Addie in 2013, reacHIRE is a pioneer in helping companies find experienced hidden talent through custom returnship programs so more women return to work after a career break. Seeing the need to engage women at pivotal stages in their careers, Addie more recently created Aurora, an innovative digital platform to engage and nurture women in an organization, allowing companies to grow their leadership through a sense of community and belonging.

Addie recently co-authored an article for Forbes called, "Stopping the COVID Slide for Working Women," which highlights the how companies can preserve the pipeline of working women during the pandemic, as many women are considering leaving the workforce.

“The path to leadership for women is not the road less traveled, it is the road less offered.”
— Addie Swartz