Technology Company Propels Growth with reacHIRE Returnship Program

About The Company

Our client is a technology company that provides a range of solutions for supply chain management, digital promotions, and analytics. We collaborated with their engineering group to create a fully remote program. The program was championed and endorsed by senior leadership within the engineering department and talent acquisition. Through internal partnerships, the key players have become an integral part to our program’s success. It was proven to be an effective collaboration which helped align everyone to attract and retain top talent in remote roles, showcasing the potential for an innovative approach to fuel unique talent pipelines.

The Challenge

The goal of this client was to increase diversity within their workforce, particularly in technology and engineering, and to fill 9 remote positions. Prospective candidates were expected to possess a combination of relevant experience, skills, and alignment with the client’s work environment, along with a willingness to work full-time.

The Solution

The reacHIRE team extensively promoted the program, which included tasks such as candidate sourcing, vetting, and interviewing. They presented the client’s hiring managers with a pool of exceptionally qualified candidates to choose from. They then worked alongside teams and hiring managers with a dedicated reacHIRE Program Manager providing continuous support. Following the program’s conclusion, 89% of the program participants stayed on after the program ended.

89 %

of the program participants stayed on after the program ended

The Results

Our achievement went beyond simply filling the job openings, as we successfully met our objective of recruiting a diverse group of candidates. All individuals selected for the positions were women of color, accounting for 100% of the hires. Furthermore, the participants gave the onboarding experience a perfect NPS score of 10, indicating their high level of enthusiasm and positivity towards their new roles. As a result, all of the job openings were filled by the end of the program.


of candidates placed were POC


of diverse candidates placed were women


of positions were filled

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