The reacHIRE Returnship Program Drives the Growth of a Manufacturing Company

About The Company

Our client is a global manufacturer that specializes in digital automation and energy management solutions. They approached us to fill a range of critical roles, particularly in the areas of engineering, technology, and operations. Working closely with their HR team, we created a tailored talent acquisition strategy that aligned with their business goals and hiring needs. We sourced and screened top candidates, leveraging our extensive network and sourcing strategies to identify the best talent in the market. Our team also worked closely with the client to provide guidance on market trends, salary benchmarks, and other key hiring metrics to help them make informed decisions. Thanks to our collaborative efforts, our client was able to attract and hire top talent, ensuring that they have the right people in place to drive their business forward.

The Challenge

This client needed to grow the diversity of their workforce, particularly in project management and marketing roles. The goal was to fill 7 positions in various US geographies. Prospective candidates were required to possess a suitable combination of past experience, skill set, and cultural alignment with the client, along with a willingness to work full-time.

The Solution

The reacHIRE group extensively marketed the program, handled candidate sourcing, screening, and interviewing, and presented a pool of exceptionally skilled candidates to the client’s recruitment managers. The chosen group underwent reacHIRE’s specialized immersion training for reintegrating into the workforce during the first week of the program, followed by six months of working with teams and recruitment managers, supported by a devoted reacHIRE Program Manager. 84% of the program participants converted to full-time roles after the program ended.

84 %

of the program participants converted to full-time roles after the program ended

The Results

We were successful in filling these positions not only with qualified candidates but also with a diverse group of individuals. 57% of candidates placed were POC, with 100% of them being women. The program attendees rated their onboarding experience with an NPS score of 10, so they are embarking on their new positions with positivity. Although this is a recent group, we are aware that these returning professionals tend to remain with the organizations that conduct such programs. After a successful pilot, the client committed to a second program the following year more than doubling the cohort size and expanding into new areas including sales, finance and accounting.

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Through team-based Returnship programs tailored to meet a company’s culture and business needs, reacHIRE delivers the highest success and retention rate of any Return-to-Work program. For over a decade, reacHIRE has been helping leading companies across industries find, support, motivate and retain female talent and build more diverse work environments.