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Guide for Aurora

Aurora is the first-of-its-kind SaaS platform with a human touch. Aurora is designed to inspire, empower, and enable women early in their careers. The 12-month Aurora experience provides support, advice, and community to its participants and helps them to thrive and grow in their current companies. Women are able to track, celebrate, and share their goals and accomplishments using the MyMap tool. Some benefits of Aurora include: virtual team meetups, 1:1 meetups with guide, real-life stories, wise words, helpful tips, specially curated content, and group chats, all just a click or tap away.

As an Aurora Guide, you'd play a key role in participants' Aurora experiences. After completing Aurora Guide Training and Certification, you'd be able to access the Aurora platform and facilitate virtual 1:1 and group meetups, and chats. You'd be the moderator of group chats and meetups. You'd share resources and topic questions to help participants navigate the ups and downs of the modern workplace.
This is an exciting opportunity for smart, dynamic and experienced women who are interested in giving back to the next generation. If you are interested in being a mentor for young women with high potential, apply now! We'd love to have you join us.
Skills and Qualifications
  • Technological Flexibility, comfortable with using a variety of technological tools (Gsuite, zoom meeting, slack, etc)
  • Motivational, able to draw people out of their shells
  • Persistent
  • Creative
  • Open to Sharing your own experiences
  • Good Listening Skills
  • Efficient & Organized
  • Respect for a younger generation
  • Ability to connect
  • Diplomatically candid

Professional Profile
  • Mid-career to retiree
  • You have a variety of professional contributions that you would like to share and draw from

Job Requirements and Responsibilities
  • Attend Guide Training
  • Become familiar with the Aurora platform and administrative tool
  • Conduct and facilitate Virtual Group Meetups and 1:1 Meetups
  • Post discussion topics on the Aurora platform
  • Track trending topics during conversations
  • Synthesize & write-up key takeaways

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