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Contracts Manager (single role position at returner friendly company)

Do you love keeping everything organized? Got a keen eye for detail? Do frameworks get you excited? Looks like we’ve got the perfect role for you to onramp your career!

On behalf of our client, a leading technical parts distributor, reacHIRE is in search of a Contracts Manager to work at their offices in Lumberton, NJ or Boston, MA. As a Contracts Manager, you’ll play a pivotal role in overseeing and ensuring the management of contracts, proposals, and related activities for our client in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. YOU will be the powerhouse of deployment and management of contracts-related functions, including acting as the primary liaison between the company, employees, customers, vendors, and contractors; and implementing policies and procedures consistent with legal, regulatory, and ethical practices; and ensuring proper document management. Not only that, but you’ll also serve as a primary organizational contact during contract reviews/negotiations  You’ve got this!
Position Responsibilities:
  • Oversee organizational contract development and management activities including the development, maintenance, and implementation of policies and procedures in compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Develop a framework for dedicated contracts department for our client with scalability and the ability to support foreign offices. 
  • Work with Sales, Quality, and Asset/Product teams to review transactions and develop standards for contracts related activities.
  • Ability to read, understand, interpret, and implement flow-down requirements, particularly as related to U.S. Government requirements, i.e., FAR, DFAR, BAA (Buy America(n) Act), TAA (Trade Agreement Act), Cyber Security, etc.
  • Provide leadership and support to all departments, i.e., Sales, Global Trade Compliance, Operations, Business Development, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance, Quality, etc.
  • Develop and deliver training with respect to the regulations of the relevant contract.
  • Maintain a regular audit and training program.
  • Provide advice with respect to day-to-day queries relating to contracts.
  • Interface with relevant stakeholders in negotiation decisions involving legal or regulatory requirements.
  • Investigate and review the contractual performance of parties to ensure compliance with the terms, identify conflicts or changes requiring resolution.
What you bring:
  • A Bachelor’s Degree
  • Demonstrated history and experience with interpreting US Government flow-down requirements, i.e., FAR, DFAR, BAA, TAA, Cyber Security, etc.
  • Experience implementing organizational standards when developing requests for proposals, negotiating terms and drafting contracts.
  • Ability to analyze complex problems, draw relevant conclusions, and implement appropriate solutions.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and writing skills, including a strong ability to interact productively with all levels across the company.
  • Highly responsive and efficient; able to prioritize issues and execute on multiple tasks daily
  • A self-motivated, proactive approach with strong analytical skills and sound judgment.
  • Knowledge with ITAR (International Traffic and Arms Regulation) and EAR (Export Administration Regulation) related controls a plus.

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