Rockwell Automation Return to Work Program

reacHIRE is proud to partner with Rockwell Automation, to bring exciting return-to-work opportunities to the Cleveland and Milwaukee locations! The Rockwell Automation Return-to-Work Program will give you the opportunity to work with some of the most accomplished professionals in the automation industry! This 6-month program includes opportunities in technology. 

Who is Rockwell Automation?

Over the centuries, the world has evolved and advanced, with new innovations changing how we work, live, and produce things. The next industrial evolution is now upon us – it presents a new test of intelligence for both humans and machines. Breakthroughs in this era are hard-won, and achieving success requires adeptly sifting through overwhelming data to gain insights, clarity, and confidence.

Instead of harboring fear towards change, we wholeheartedly embrace its possibilities. We possess the knowledge of connecting people’s imaginations with technology’s potential to enhance the functionality of the world, making it more efficient, intelligent, and interconnected. We stand in unity with the problem solvers, builders, makers, and innovators because we are an integral part of that community. Furthermore, we are prepared to lead the way. At Rockwell Automation, our mission revolves around expanding human possibility.

About the Program

The Rockwell Automation Return to Work Program

This is a 6-month, full-time, paid opportunity for individuals who have taken a voluntary career break of 2+ years. Please note candidates who have worked in part-time roles or have done independent contracting will be considered for this program. You will be part of a community of fellow professionals also returning to work and participating in the program together.


What to Expect

At the end of the program, you may be eligible for full-time or extended contracting work at Rockwell Automation, but this is not guaranteed. Throughout the program, reacHIRE will provide 360-degree support with interview and resume prep, finding the right role, providing comprehensive skills-based training, and a dedicated Program Manager to help you every step of the way!

Please Note: reacHIRE is unable to sponsor program participants for the duration of our Return-to-Work programs.

Who You Are

You want to make an impact: to find new answers, push things farther and make the world work better.

You’re looking for a team where each person can contribute to the whole. You want to join a team that’s doing important work, a place where you can expand what’s possible for yourself and the world.

Rockwell Automation combines the imaginations of people with the potential of technology. We build the Connected Enterprise by linking people, machines and data across an entire business, making them more effective at what they do. From improving the production of medicines that boost human health to reducing waste in automotive production, the work we do changes how we live. We expand human possibility by putting automation to work around the world.

We encourage each member of our team to chart a path based on interests they want to pursue and skills they want to build.

As a global company, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with smart people and gain expertise from around the world to broaden your experiences inside and outside of work.

At Rockwell Automation, we’ve built an environment where our people can thrive and do great work. As we build the Connected Enterprise, the challenges we tackle require an approach to innovation that continually evolves, requiring curiosity and persistence.

We look out for each other along the way. Our company is built on the trust that emerges from great work done together — creating lasting bonds that are hard to break.

Rockwell Automation is doing things never before possible. We help the world work better and people work smarter. And we’re looking for bright minds to make that happen — the makers, the forward thinkers, the problem solvers. A career at Rockwell will help you expand what’s possible for the world — and for yourself.