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Event Recap: 3 Takeaways from the HR Leaders Forum on Resilience

HR Leaders Discussing Resilience during the COVID-19 Crisis

Doing business during the COVID-19 crisis offers new challenges, sometimes changing daily, for employees and employers alike. To offer advice and support to the business community, we asked two of our Certified Aurora Guides to answer a few questions about building resilience in teams. Joining moderator Addie Swartz were Sarah MacConduibh, who brings 40 years


Hello Spring. Hello You.

With the welcoming warmth of Spring and the familiar, happy hello of crocuses and daffodils, also comes uncertainty and worry. COVID-19 has disrupted our sense of normalcy, routine and safety. But as the changing seasons remind us, we can find sources of consistency and strength. We can find surprises and silver linings. We can bear


3 Tips for Companies to Drive Community & Connection amid COVID-19

reacHIRE LLC employees interacting on a virtual water cooler via Google Hangouts while working from home during COVID-19 crisis

While ‘social distancing’ is necessary, it shouldn’t mean losing human connection. How can company leaders keep the momentum and engagement going in a virtual work world? What initiatives can you take to maintain social solidarity during the current reality of social distancing? With the unfolding events related to COVID-19, companies and their HR leaders are having to take action to keep employees safe and engaged.