Hello Spring.

Hello Spring.

With the welcoming warmth of Spring and the familiar, happy hello of crocuses and daffodils, also comes uncertainty and worry. COVID-19 has disrupted our sense of normalcy, routine and safety. But as the changing seasons remind us, we can find sources of consistency and strength. We can find surprises and silver linings. We can bear witness to opportunity and new life.

At reacHIRE, our mission is to power the potential of women at all ages and stages of their professional journey. This is to say, you are not alone. With every new email in your inbox announcing a store closing or suspension of services, you may think that this is not your time. That you must wait… again. We disagree. You do not have to put your dreams on hold.

The companies reacHIRE works with are future-forward, innovative companies that have the  leadership in place to weather difficult times and adapt to changing conditions. They are looking ahead past COVID-19 and need top talent. Many of the jobs we are currently sourcing for, like these, have start dates 2-3 months from today. We want them to include you.

Our hiring partners also realize that you are not just caring for yourself during the COVID-19 crisis. Many of you are split in different directions, maybe even trying to homeschool children for the first time like Shonda Rhimes. Your unselfishness, flexibility, resourcefulness and commitment is what employers appreciate most in returning professionals! They understand that in-person interviews are not feasible, so they are open to video interviews. They understand that your schedule may not be your own right now, so they will work around yours.

At this March reacHIRE cohort graduation, our hiring partner said, “I’d hire returning professionals, all day every day.”

Let these people – and those words from a person looking for great talent – encourage you to take action! Here are a few other Spring forward ideas to help you embrace the new season that awaits, right now.

Photo by Akil Mazumder from Pexels

Take Time to Plan

It is important to find a sliver of time that is dedicated just to you. Maybe it’s during a morning walk or over a late-night cup of something, Set your intention and pose a specific question to ponder, like:

What work has brought me the most joy?

What is the common throughline people always say about me?

Who were my best bosses ever, (yes, even the ones from your high school summers) and what specifically did I like about working for them?

What was my most miserable job and why? What did I learn from it?

Discover What Makes you Bloom

In the self-perspective book “I know I’m in there Somewhere,” psychologist and author Helene G. Brenner, suggests women write their own “What I need to Bloom” tag as though they are a flower or plant. What kind of sunlight do you need? What kind of soil? How often do you need attention and care? And so on. Tapping into the core components of what you personally need to bloom in your career, is an important part of the return-to-work discovery journey.

Plant the Seeds

Companies are hiring. There are jobs to fill. The soil is ready for planting. Visit the reacHIRE jobs page and see if there are any immediate openings that interest you. We are also always adding new roles, not all of which appear on our website. Submit an application to Your Dream Job, and we’ll be in touch when we see the right match.

Spring is here and we can’t wait to help you bloom!

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