Drive community and connection amid COVID-19

Meet Aurora: Building the next generation of women leaders

Now more than ever employees are looking for connection and support to navigate the new world of remote work amid the COVID-19 crisis. Aurora is a virtual platform that harnesses the transformational power of communities, enabling women in your organization to thrive and rise.

Leveraging a team-based approach, Aurora builds leadership skills through interactive learning, led by an executive Aurora Certified Guide. The women in the Aurora program set and achieve goals, develop leadership skills, and build a work community. Aurora can help your organization emerge from the COVID-19 crisis with more women leaders.

Getting Started

Aurora is built for fast and easy deployment. As the only digital tool of its kind with a human connection, Aurora is a scalable, concrete way for companies to support early-career women while improving retention, engagement and productivity. Companies work directly with the reacHIRE Aurora team to understand organizational goals and create a program that meets their unique needs. All companies receive access to an Aurora Dashboard with actionable insights and data to measure the program’s impact and understand how to better support, retain and advance early-career women.

See how Aurora can impact your organization

Aurora is the first digital platform of its kind with a human connection designed to help early career women thrive and grow in your organization. Aurora helps develop the next generation of business leaders at your company.

Inspire. Empower. Enable.

Increase engagement and retention

Enhance performance and productivity

Build community and network

Provide continuous learning and skill-building

Deliver actionable insights and data

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